Professional Supervision

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 In our professional field of helping and supporting others to growth and heal, it is essential not to be alone.

The discussion of cases, sharing of experiences and deepening of knowledge are the founding pillars on which we keep developing our qualities and abilities, not only at the beginning of our profession, but throughout our entire professional journey.


This is why I believe professional supervision is essential. And what is it exactly?

Professional supervision is a precious and unique opportunity open to all Practitioners who understand the value of exchange and dialogue to grow and develop their role as practitioners and relationship to others. It is aimed at activating one’s ability for self-observation, through an external perspective.


Professional supervision allows you to review what happened with your client, to analyse the emotions that have been expressed and understand their meanings. Hence, it allows one to gain awareness and learn new lessons for future situations.


Professional supervision group meetings have a unique and distinctive approach where each person can share and bring ideas and suggestions regarding the topic that are raised through the experience of others participants.


If you also are a Life Alignment Practitioner who wants to discuss, deepen the theory and technique, you can book and join our ONLINE MEETINGS OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION.


Upcoming meetings:





Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm CET

Cost: € 35 per meeting

Special: Buy 4 meetings for 100€

Groups are small, maximun number of participant per meeting is 6 people.